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Mr. Biscuits' Kitty Cat Cocktail Shaker

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Happy hour isn't just for people, pals. If we've learned anything from our three-legged cat Mr. Biscuits, it's that kitty cats love a good cocktail! AND, it's a great way to keep them hydrated. 🤗 So next time you stir up a round of drinks for yourself, shake one up for your floofy friend, won't ya?

Mr. Biscuits' Meowgarita 
2 oz water
1 big squeeze of cat treat paste....?
Cat nip for garnish 

Shake paste and water over ice and strain into a teeny tiny martini glass. Garnish with a sprinkle of cat nip and try not to cry watching your sweet angel of a cat get hydrated!

* Mini shaker holds 5 oz of liquid!

So, how does it work?!

Infusing with our kits is simple! Just add your pre-measured ingredients into the jar, fill with your favorite spirit and seal for at least three days. Once you're ready to enjoy, simply pour on the rocks or into a cocktail.

What's included in a signature Aged & Infused kit?

Each Aged & Infused kit includes everything you need to infuse at home; a 16 oz jar, pre-measured ingredients, infusing directions and a custom filtering pour spout.

What's included in an Aged & Infused refill pack?

Our refill packs include all of the pre-measured ingredients you need to infuse in an existing Aged & Infused kit. Just give your empty bottle a rinse, add the ingredients, fill with your favorite spirit and let the infusing begin!

How many cocktails does each kit make?

Each Aged & Infused kit infuses 16 oz of booze - enough for 7-8 cocktails depending on how strong you like your drink! 

How long after infusing do I have to drink my booze?

We recommend consuming your Aged & Infused kit within one month of infusion. If you need more time, remove all the solid ingredients and you can extend the shelf life of your infusion indefinitely.

Do I need to refrigerate my infusion kit?

Nope! Your infused kit does not need to be refrigerated. You can leave it on your bar cart or wherever you store your booze.

Can I infuse the same ingredients a second time?

You can infuse a second time with the same ingredients, but it won’t be quite as flavorful. Check out our refill packs to try a new flavor (or more of the same).

Happy hour is here

Once your booze is infused, the real fun begins! Be the star of your next happy hour with a few easy tips and tricks.