Happy hour is wherever you're going, friend.

Meet your new favorite travel companion.

Whether you’re in the great outdoors, road tripping, or just away from your bar cart for the afternoon—you deserve a good drink, no matter where you are. So go ahead! Call up your favorite person and pack up your Traveling Bar Cart. Happy hour is here. 

All the tools you need for cocktails on-the-go

The Traveling Bar Cart is a handy dandy case packed with alllll the essentials—cups, jiggers, a bottle for mixers, a mixing spoon, a deck of cards and space to store and secure your precious bottles.

Time to channel your inner Nana and Papa.

Jess’ grandparents treated happy hour as a sacred ritual—and so do we! Inspired by their 1960’s on-the-go bar cart, Jess and John (A&I’s Co-founders) decided to resurrect the traveling bar cart…with some modern, sophisticated, and functional twists.