Care for a drink?

At Aged & Infused, there’s one thing we know for sure: happy hour is a priority. It’s a pocket of time to connect, converse, experiment, and enjoy. And while going out is great, we prefer cozying up to our own bar cart, with our people, and our damn good homemade cocktails. Welcome to our one-stop mixology home. We’re so glad you’re here!

Hi there!

We’re Jess and John, a good ‘ol husband and wife duo. We love making cocktails. No, actually, we really love making cocktails. We’re proud, self-taught mixologists who learned from the best, each other (and the internet).

One holiday, I (Jess) wanted to give my partner (John) a gift with a personal touch. Since we both loved whiskey, I threw some fresh fruit and spices into a jar, added his favorite booze and Aged & Infused was born. Having loved the experience (and the end result), we decided to make our home bar staple easy and accessible for everyone.

We're still learning. It's the best part! But more importantly than techniques and recipes, we're passionate about bringing back happy hour in its purest form. That means putting phones away, turning off the TV and sitting down to connect with the people we love over an amazing (homemade!) cocktail. Will you join us?!

Meet our boozy crew


Liz is A&I's relationship manager (and first-ever employee!) When she's not working with our wonderful retailers and customers, she spends her time cross stitching (check out her company, Schocking Crafts!) and yelling at her (many) animals.

Favorite Cocktail: Dirty Gin Martini


Sarah is A&I's number crunchin' operations manager. She leads the production team and ensures we don't run out of, well, everything. In her free time, Sarah loves reading, looking at her cats, being quiet, and eating at the Golden Nugget.

Favorite Cocktail: Whatever Liz says


Vic is a production assistant at A&I and our resident cool kid. Outside of work, he loves to ride his bike around the city, rock climb and play any instrument with strings. Oh, and he's a pretty killer graphic designer if you're ever in the market ;)

Favorite Cocktail: Negroni


Tianna is a production assistant at A&I with a passion for illustration and animation. Outside of work, you can find her working on her art and watching (lots of) nature documentaries.

Favorite Cocktail: Paloma