Perfect Card Games for Every Happy Hour

Perfect Card Games for Every Happy Hour

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It’s almost happy hour, and the vibes are just right. The golden evening light is streaming in, you’ve got the perfect playlist picked out, and a bottle of something delicious just waiting to be mixed into your favorite cocktail. Now the real question is: what’s the perfect activity to keep you busy while you’re sipping?

If you ask us, the answer is always a game of cards. One pack never strays far from our bar cart, and another lives in our Traveling Bar Cart ready for every adventure we get up to—and all the delicious drinks we sip along the way. Whether you’re looking to keep the laughs coming with a group of your best friends, create cozy vibes with your favorite plus one, or enjoy the peace and quiet of a happy hour all by your wonderful self, there’s a game for you.

Here is our ever-growing list of favorite games to play with a drink in hand.

Gin Rummy

A classic game for those looking to sharpen their strategic skills

# of Party People: 2 players
The Aim of the Game: Be the first to score over 100 points by making sets and runs of 3 or more cards.



Perfect for the introspective cocktail-sipper looking to slow down time

# of Party People: 1 player
The Aim of the Game: Sort your cards back into their suits by building piles in sequential order.



A game of chicken that starts simple but will test your memory with each sip

# of Party People: 2 or more players
The Aim of the Game: Get the lowest total hand of cards and catch your opponents with high cards—but the catch is you only get to look at your cards once.



Chaos reigns in this mad dash party game to play in between drinks

# of Party People: 3–13 players
The Aim of the Game: Collect four of a kind and collect a spoon—either through speed or subterfuge. Whoever doesn’t get a spoon is out of the next round in this musical chairs-style game.


Go Fish

Keep conversation flowing while playing this classic, easy-peasy game

# of Party People: 2–5 players
The Aim of the Game: Make as many sets of matching cards as possible by asking other players for the cards you need.


Egyptian Rat Screw

A fast-paced game that tests your reflexes—play in-between sips!

# of Party People: 2 or more players
The Aim of the Game: Race other players to collect the whole deck by looking out for card combos and being the fastest slapper.


Kings in the Corner

Competitive Solitaire-style gameplay leaves room for laughs and distractions

# of Party People: 2–4 players
The Aim of the Game: Get rid of all your cards first by playing them in descending order on shared piles—and a little smart card swapping can let you rearrange the whole table.



A lively, try-not-to-get-mad-at-your-friend game for 3+ people

# of Party People: 2–4 players
The Aim of the Game: Be the first to discard all your cards—a little trickery can help you win, but other players can call you on your bullsh*t!


These games have kept the conversation and laughs flowing for many a happy hour—and bonus: they lead to fewer friendship breakups than Monopoly. The card game possibilities are endless, and we’re always looking for more! Hit us up on Instagram to share your faves so we can take ‘em for a spin at our next game night.

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