Introducing: The Traveling Bar Cart & All Its Magic

Introducing: The Traveling Bar Cart & All Its Magic

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Hello A&I Fam! Jess here with some big news…

At Aged & Infused, we’re all about the magic of happy hour. The moment you pour your go-to booze, hear the ice rattle in the shaker, and then finish with the perfect garnish—ahhhhh. It’s a pocket of time to slow things down and bask in those laid back moments with your people (or, ya know, yourself). Our at-home happy hours inspired us to start selling our first infusion kits five years ago, and now we’ve dreamed up something new—and very, very close to our hearts.

The Traveling Bar Cart is a handy dandy case packed with all the items you need to make your signature cocktail on-the-go—cups, jiggers, a bottle for mixers, a mixing spoon, a Happy Hour Guide, and a deck of cards. It’s not a new idea. In fact, it’s a very old one that involves a couple of my favorite people.

The Vintage Traveling Bar Cart

My Nana and Papa were the very picture of class, kindness and living life to the fullest. Their house was seemingly always filled with Frank Sinatra, friends, and family. And whenever it came time for a cocktail, Papa mixed a dry Manhattan for Nana and a Beefeater gin Martini for himself—just the way they liked them. 

Since Papa and only Papa was trusted to make those perfect signature cocktails, he’d always tote along a travel bar when visiting friends and family. Inside were three simple ingredients: Beefeater gin for Papa, Canadian Club whiskey for Nana, and a bottle of dry vermouth for them both. That was all it took for him to mix up a pair of cocktails exactly the way they liked them. I like to think this was a little pocket of time for the two of them to share together—before heading right back to the party, of course.

Aged & Infused’s Modern Traveling Bar Cart

Over the past few years, John and I have made it a nightly ritual to share our favorite drinks together as well. There’s no better way to wind down after a long day than sipping on a Dirty Gin Martini made with Beefeater gin, just the way Papa liked it. (Gotta keep the tradition going, right?) And John’s drink? A shaken Manhattan. 

Whenever we’re on the road, though—whether in a hotel room, a cozy Airbnb, or visiting our folks for the holidays—we find ourselves missing that evening routine. So we figured, why not pull a Nana and Papa and bring the bar with us? After some research (and a whole lot of vintage bar cases purchased at flea markets), we pulled our favorite features from the older versions, added some touches of our own, and brought this beauty back to life. 

The Traveling Bar Cart is our love letter to happy hour. It celebrates our past, present and future (and a whollllle lot of cocktails to come). No matter where we are—an intimate get together, road-tripping or cozied up under the stars—we know we can bring a taste of home with us. 

We can’t wait to see what moments you create with your own Traveling Bar Cart, but most of all, we hope you love yours just as much as Nana and Papa did.

To the many happy hours ahead!

—Jess & John Feller

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