The Aged & Infused 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

The Aged & Infused 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

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Brother? Check. High school pal? Check. You’re so on top of holiday gifts—except, wait, it’s already December. Shipping deadlines are creeping up, and you still have to figure out what to get eeeeeveryone else on your list. We’re here to make the rest of your holiday shopping easy and—dare we say—fun? Enjoy pouring over (pun intended) our 2021 gift guide. It’s time to spoil all of the 21+ folks in your life with a boozy good time! 

The Holiday Duo Gift Set

What it is: Sing it with us—it’s the most wonderful timmmmme of the yeaaaarrr… This pair of alcohol infusion kits smell, taste, and look like the holiday season in a jar! The set includes 1 Spike the Punch (cranberry, pear, rosemary) kit and 1 Snowed In (apple, candied ginger, cardamom) kit.

Who it’s perfect for: Your aunt who always hosts kick-ass holiday parties and sends you home with leftovers for days!

Cocktail Cross Stitch

What it is: They’re handmade, they’re limited-edition, and they’re bOoOoozy! These 3” embroidery hoops are expertly stitched by Liz, A&I’s Relationship Manager and craft queen—and they look oh-so-perfect hung up over the bar cart. Just sayin.’

Who it’s perfect for: The bestie who handmakes you something aaaaaamazing every year.

The Happy Hour Membership

What it is: Looking for a gift that’ll keep on giving? This is the one. Every other month, we’ll send a fresh infusion straight to your bud’s doorstep (which is truly living the dream). Plus, members get exclusive quarterly cocktail classes aaaaaand 10% off EVERYTHING on our site. Booyah.

Who it’s perfect for: The friend who’s served you endless delicious cocktails over the years—bonus points if you get to attend their happy hours and get to taste a lil’ sample of your gifts…

The Whiskey Lover Gift Set

What it is: This supremely cozy pair of infusions is perfect for anyone who always reaches for an Old Fashioned when happy hour rolls around. From two fellow whiskey lovers—you can trust that these kits are FIRE. This set includes both a Navel Gazer (orange, cinnamon, clove) and Bundled Up (persimmon, chai tea, lemon) kit, plus matching refill packs!

Who it’s perfect for: Your dad who only sips from his well-worn leather recliner.

The E-Gift Card

What it is: You know it. You love it. It’s a gift card. Some curmudgeons say that gift cards aren’t good presents, and to that we say, “Okay, SCROOGE.” Let ‘em pick out exactly what they want from our store and they’ll be sipping happy. Added bonus: you can order one on Christmas Eve and it’ll still show up in time.

Who it’s perfect for: Your pickiest friend who spends 20 minutes choosing what they want from the cocktail menu.

The Full Bar Cart

What it is: Go BIG or go home! The Full Bar Cart includes every...single...ONE of our signature infusion kits. If you’re looking to make a splash this holiday, look no further. This set includes one of each: Navel Gazer (orange, cinnamon, clove), Blue Sunday (blueberry, lavender, lemon), Spike the Punch (cranberry, pear, rosemary), Snowed In (apple, candied ginger, cardamom), Island Time (pineapple, cinnamon, red pepper flakes), and Bundled Up (persimmon, chai tea, lemon).

Who it’s perfect for: Your ride or die friend who finally snagged that bar cart they’ve been dreaming of...and now they need to stock it.

The list goes on—shopping for a vodka lover? We’ve got a gift set for them. A Martini fanatic who decorates their tree like they’re the next Martha Stewart? Yup, we know just the thing. Hit our store and tick off every name on your shopping list—we’ll even include a handwritten gift note. Breathe a sigh of relief and then mix yourself a seasonal cocktail because... you’re crushing it.

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